ACTS 1:8 Missions

Acts 1:8 - But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Missions at Belle Aire Baptist Church

Belle Aire Baptist Church defines missions as:

…reaching people for Jesus Christ
by sending out commissioned team members beyond the immediate influence of our own congregation to take the gospel where it is currently not known.  This involves our personal commitment to the Great Commission in evangelizing the lost, discipling new believers, planting indigenous churches, and training new leaders.

    B. In light of our definition of missions, Belle Aire Baptist Church is committed to
        the following goals:
        1. Evangelizing the lost in Murfreesboro and discipling them into mature followers of Jesus Christ.
        2. Assisting local and statewide church planting efforts for the sake of building up the church in our immediate areas influence.
        3. Planting indigenous churches both nationally and internationally by either directly sending missionaries from our congregation or by indirectly supporting career
missionaries and national church leaders in their church planting efforts.

II. Our Missions Strategy and Emphasis
     A. In our efforts to be faithful to the commands of Scripture, Belle Aire Baptist
    Church strives to maintain a biblical approach to evangelism and kingdom growth
    using Acts 1:8 as a model for our missions efforts locally, nationally, and globally.
    B. Currently, Belle Aire Baptist Church supports the following areas of emphasis
    within our Acts 1:8 strategy:
         1. Jerusalem
             a) Hands Up For New Hope
             b) Hope Center
             c) MTSU Campus – International Student Ministry - Baptist Collegiate
             d.) Partners of Pittard - Belle Aire partners with the students and teachers of
                  Pittard Elementary School to help and encourage.
             e.) Stepping Stones - Once a month we provide overnight housing for women.
        2. Judea/Samaria:
             a) The Living Stone Church in Broomfield, CO (Keith Baldridge and family)
             b) The District Church in Indianapolis, IN (Dwayne Gibbs and family)
             c) The Crossing Church in Baltimore, MD (Ron Larson and family)
        3. Ends of the Earth
            a) India – Jackson family partnership (IMB missionaries)

III. Our Focus – Church Planting

    A. In order to concentrate our time, material resources, and efforts for greatest
        effectiveness, Belle Aire works strategically to plant multiplying churches in two
            1. Directly planting churches by sending out qualified church planters from Belle
            Aire Baptist Church. In this scenario, Belle Aire serves as the primary sending church and agrees to work alongside the church planter for a specified period of time
During that time, short-term teams are sent, financial assistance is provided,
and ongoing prayer support is maintained.
            2. Indirectly planting churches by partnering with NAMB, IMB, or indigenous
           church planters. In this scenario, Belle Aire partners with like-minded Southern
           Baptist missionaries seeking to plant churches either in North America or on the
           foreign mission field for a specified period of time or until specific objectives
           have been completed. During that time, Belle Aire supports their partners by 
          sending short term missions teams and offering prayer support.

IV. Our Giving
    A. Belle Aire Baptist Church currently allocates a specific percentage of its monthly
    income to missions efforts. The following is a summary of the budgeted percentages
    for our missions involvement:
        1. Cooperative Program: 10.5%
        2. Concord Baptist Association: 1.0%
        3. Belle Aire Baptist Church missions projects: 6.5%
    B. In addition to the monthly budgeted percentages that are directed toward the
        missions efforts listed above, Belle Aire also initiates three special offerings
        throughout the year for the following:
            1. North America Church Plant Offering
            2. The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (for NAMB missions efforts)
            3. The Lottie Moon Christmas offering (for IMB international missions efforts)




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