Texas Relief

All of us have been moved by the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The crisis is not over, people are still being rescued, roads remain impassable. I have several pastor friends in the Houston region and I would love for Belle Aire to support how some of them are leading their churches in relief ministry.

Plans may adjust, but for now, here is the plan for how we can be involved:

1.       Pray [NOW] —the crisis is not over.

2.       Give [NOW] –the recovery will cost billions.

Here is the way we recommend giving—contribute toward a Belle Aire Team that will soon go to work in the Houston area. Your gift will be used for fuel, housing, and supplies for the team:

Support the Belle Aire Texas Relief Team 
*(click Quick Give then choose “Disaster Relief” from the drop-down menu)

3.       Donate [NOW] – help supply critical items.

Our friends at Heritage Park Baptist Church (Houston area) have an Amazon list that you can use to purchase and ship supplies directly to their church--one of the relief coordination hubs. Click HERE for the list and be sure to ship to the church address: Heritage Park Baptist Church 2732 FM 528 Rd Webster, TX 77598

4.       Go on a Team [SOON] – pull carpet and sheetrock, clean, rebuild.

We have been invited by Heritage Park Baptist Church to send teams in the coming weeks and months to work in homes and businesses in the Houston community. Because the crisis is ongoing, travel is difficult, and evacuations are still in effect, our teams will not go for a while. If you would like to go on a team or help lead a team, please click HERE to send a relief team email. [Please indicate your interest in leading.]


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