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What is BA's Mission and Ministry Plan?

Our MISSION is to grow people beyond everyday life to fullness in Christ-centered living. Our MINISTRY PLAN is to lead people through prayer, worship gatherings, Bible study groups, opportunities to serve, and special events.

What does BA value?

We value Truth (2 Timothy 3:16), Worship (John 4:23), Families (Deuteronomy 6:7), Missions (Acts 1:8), Diversity (Galatians 3:28), and Growth (2 Corinthians 3:18).

What is BA’s worship style?

Our aim is to honor God, leading all generations to use songs for expressing joy, marveling at God’s greatness and goodness, confessing needs, and celebrating life in Christ. We use both modern and classic songs of the global Church.  On any given Sunday, you’ll likely find current worship songs you would hear on the radio or Spotify, as well as timeless hymns.

What is important to understand about becoming a Christian?

The Bible refers to this understanding as the Good News—or the Gospel. Click HERE to spend some time with the Truths and principles of God’s amazing gift of salvation.

How is BA governed?

We believe that Jesus is the head of this and every church! BA is built on a congregational model—church members serve on committees to facilitate the work of the church in partnership with the Lead Pastor, who is charged with the welfare and oversight of the church. Church decisions are made though congregational votes. Click HERE to see the church Constitution and By-Laws.

Does BA have a Statement of Faith?

We line up with our denomination’s statement of faith known as The Baptist Faith and Message. Click HERE to find it.


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